Overview: Welcome to NFTCLICK!
Here we will introduce to you all aspects of the features and functions of the NFTCLICK platform for your better understanding and utilization. As a community-driven platform, we welcome all friends those who care and support us and seize the new opportunities of NFT paradigm reform together!
NFTCLICK is the world's leading NFT asset recommendation platform, providing users with the most comprehensive NFT popular list, the most easy-to-use search tool, and the most impartial project rating and recommendation

Getting Started

Got 2 minutes? Check out the overview of our product:
First of all, we recommend the most popular NFT new projects at the moment on the homepage of NFTCLICK. The most popular and worthwhile invested NFT projects will be displayed on the banner and editors picking of the NFTCLICK homepage.
Secondly, you can view various rankings in the list on the homepage. We currently build the rankings in three dimensions, including popularity, category, and style. You can choose your favorite works according to your preferences.
The most important thing is, we have analyzed the data about the followers on the social platforms of each project like Twitter or discord, as well as rated through the comprehensive evaluation system. We believe that it will be of great reference when choosing the NFT project.

Guide for NFTCLICK

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Verification Criteria

NFTCLICK is committed to becoming the most professional NFT project evaluation platform in the industry. Therefore, we will conduct the inclusion and review of projects with the most stringent standards. We will evaluate the projects with the comprehensive score in 6 dimensions to ensure the project can be presented on their real performance to users

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